S’well Bottles

Here on Green+Aquamarine, I like to talk about plastic a lot. Specifically, getting rid of plastic waste.  So today I am really excited to talk to you about S’well, an eco-friendly, insulated, fashionable water bottle.

 S'well bottles, Hip and Healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable, ban plastic, insulated

The Brand

S’well was set up five years ago by Sarah Kauss, after she grew tired of drinking warm water on hot days from single-use plastic bottles. The problem with multi-use plastic bottles is that they do eventually deteriorate, and even BPA-free plastic contains compounds similar to BPA, which can also be bad for you health. Glass is dangerous if broken, and aluminium leaves a metallic taste in the mouth. So, S’well turned to stainless steel, which has non of these issues.

The double-walled insulation makes the bottles able to keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours, and cold drinks cool for a staggering 24. Considering that most conventional flasks have a 6-8 hour insulation period, this is certainly impressive. As I will be going on holiday next week, this was the key reason that I bought this bottle, as warm water is just disgusting! The design also promises to be leak-free, even when dealing with steam from hot liquids.

 S'well bottles, Hip and Healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable, ban plastic, insulated

One of S’well’s greatest aims is to bring plastic bottles out of the landfill and oceans. It is estimated that 200 billion plastic bottles end up in landfill, globally, each year. It is a pretty shocking statistic, but with S’well becoming an increasingly successful brand in the US and worldwide, hopefully this number will start to decrease!

Another thing that I really like about S’well is that the brand has a strong charitable ethos, working with Water Aid, U.S Fund for UNICEF and American Forests. It is a real pleasure to see brands ticking all the boxes on providing a desirable product that is sustainable and ethical.

The Review

I picked up my bottle from Hip & Healthy in the gorgeous Santorini print. It arrived speedily, beautifully wrapped with a note from the Hip and Healthy team, and the bottle itself came in a secure box. It is, by a long way, the most expensive bottle that I have seen, but with it’s high-tech design and superb credentials, I can certainly see why. The 500ml bottle feels sturdy, and I appreciated the slight indentions on the lid, presumably to give wet hands a little extra grip. I haven’t noticed any aftertaste so far, so I am really pleased with that. With so much choice in design and size (250ml-750ml bottles are available), S’well has really thought about their customer, making a product that is as suitable on the office-to-gym run as it is for summertime picnics. I think a lower price would make it a more accessible product, but only if it could be done without negatively impacting S’well’s core values and charitable work.

S’well bottles are available in the UK for £29.95 at Hip & Healthy. In the US, the whole range is available on S’well’s website. Psst! Until the end of the month Hip & Healthy are giving a sachet of Pip & Nut nut butter for every purchase, so get your skates on!

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  • Hi Eleanor,

    I've loved the look of S'well bottles for a long while now, and their sustainability aspects are really quite something! When I've got enough to splash out on a water bottle (of all things), I think this might be the one.

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)