About Me

Who am I?
Please note – I am currently based in Germany on a placement. Although I will be travelling back to the UK and around Europe throughout the year, I won’t be permanently based back in the UK until summer 2017. For PR contact, events and further information, please don’t hesitate to send me an email!
I’m Eleanor, a BSc student. I am an avid yoga student, lover of nourishing whole foods and am passionate about living in a more environmentally friendly way. I never really had any health issues that have brought me to where I am now, but have always had a keen interest in food and being active. Whilst my friends were avoiding eating, I was looking for seconds and trying to wean myself from fussy-eater foods to salads and vegetables. For several years I was a gymnast, practicing for thirteen hours a week on top of sailing, which I qualified as an instructor for when I was 16. When I left gymnastics, I really struggled to find a new sport after not being able to find junior athletics classes (I really wanted to be a pole vaulter!) and was never really into team sports. When we moved to North Yorkshire, my mum introduced me to Sun Power Yoga and I came out of those first few classes knowing that I wanted to eventually teach. I also started going to the gym, and learnt how to use weights -and how to use bodyweight -and now love trying new classes. Being active has become second nature once again, and I love it. The best days are when I can practice yoga outside, go for a walk or cycle ride, or get out on the water.
I love eating plant-based meals, but don’t have any hard and fast diet rules. I make my food choices based on health, taste, and of course sustainability and responsibility -it’s all about balance.  As I believe that it is important to be transparent, I will always make it clear when my recipes include animal products, and offer alternatives where I can. To find more about my ethos, read here.
I take a holistic approach to health, especially with mounting evidence of the links between diet, emotional wellbeing and overall health. I credit my clean bill of health (seriously… I only missed one day secondary school due to illness!) to eating a variety of nutrients and lots of home cooked meals that I eat every day. However, coming from a scientific background, I prefer evidence to unfounded claims and pseudoscience. As such, I try not to throw around words like detox and alkalising around too carelessly. I hope that this balance between these two approaches gives me an authentic voice coming from an open mind.