About Me

Who am I?


Welcome to Green+Aquamarine! I’m Eleanor, a fourth year biology student, yoga teacher and author of HBA’s 2016 best yoga blog, based between Yorkshire and North Wales. I teach vinyasa yoga classes at my university, as well as leading guest classes and workshops -see here for my full timetable. I believe in a holistic approach to health, from consuming optimal nutrients for you to getting enough sleep and water. However, as a scientist, I also love evidence, so work hard to create a fad-free space on this blog, and won’t make any claims that I’m not qualified to make. 
I love living in the north of England, and exploring its growing health scene. Things can be a bit London centric, so I’m making it my mission to bring more brands, events and workshops to more cities across the country. If you’d like to expand your business’ reach, I’d love to work with you to help make that happen. I have worked with Filmore and Union, and created events in collaboration with the Health Blogger’s Community and Barrecore
Whilst yoga is what I love the most, I find moving in a variety of ways is the best method to make my body as strong, fit and healthy as possible. As such, you’ll find me weight training, walking and trying out as many new classes as possible from spinning and boxing to pole fit and handstands. I feel very lucky to have a body that is healthy and lets me do what I want to, so do my best to look after it -including resting it! For me, yoga is an amazing balance of flexibility, strength and mindfulness and I knew from my first class that I wanted to teach. I qualified as a registered 200 hour vinyasa teacher through Green Lotus Yoga in 2017, and the training was probably the best month of my life!
I love eating plant based meals, but don’t label my diet in any way. However, sustainability, taste and health is at the forefront of my mind when creating meals. My recipes here reflect that, and are all vegetarian and vegan-friendly. I’m aware that everyone is different, so aim to put in suggested swaps to suit a range of dietary needs.