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Welcome wellbeing warriors! 

Join me on my mission to find a balanced, healthy life. I believe that health and wellbeing is integrated -a healthy mind helps make healthy body, and a healthy planet supports healthy people. I am inspired by a holistic approach to wellbeing, but as a science student, I know the importance of providing facts and only making claims that are fully backed up. Think of Green+Aquamarine as a BS free space. Being a millennial, or part of generation Y, I am part of a demographic that has seen the rise of the internet, faces huge economic challenges and scary global issues. But we’re also savvy, having a better understanding of health, nutrition, thrifty living and environmental awareness. They are tough waters to navigate, so I aim to write Green+Aquamarine as a guide to wellbeing, with yoga tips, nourishing recipes and wellness advice.

I don’t believe that living healthily should be complicated, boring or stressful; it should be effortless, enjoyable and natural. That being said, I have a few key rules or guidelines that help make staying on track feel straightforward and not daunting:

  1. Start your meals with vegetables, then add the rest. Aim to eat at least 3-5 portions of veggies per day (and 2-3 of fruit), with 2-3 of these portions being from greens, such as spinach, kale or broccoli.
  2. Move in a way that you enjoy. Don’t worry about following fitness trends, just do what works for you and you enjoy. Keep in mind that you want to balance cardio, strength training and flexibility for optimal health, but so long as you incorporate a bit of each you’ll be okay. Moving and living in an active way is far better than having hard gym sessions and then sitting down all day.
  3. A bit of time for them, a bit of time for you. Giving back is so important, and the smallest gesture can make someone’s day, so pay it forward. This applies to making environmentally-friendly choices too! Then remember to give yourself a bit of self love in whichever way is best for you. Yoga, a bath, baking or even being an adrenaline junkie. Whatever you love, do it.

Keeping these tips in mind when making decisions throughout your day will help you to stay on track for a healthy, happy and sustainable life.

On a budget?
Hey, me too. Click on the Healthy on a Budget link in the sidebar for recipes and tips. I want to help make healthy living accessible, budget friendly and sustainable… for you and the planet! From free classes and home workouts to delicious recipes that won’t break the bank, you’re in the right place.
I have collaborated with brands including MyProtein, Argos, Natvia , Method and Mala Collective. I am also an affiliated blogger with Om Yoga Magazine and am a contributor for Filmore and Union’s website. You can see my page here, and purchase the magazine here for less than your newsagent’s.
Eleanor x